GODSILYA is a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Seattle, Washington, made up of Grego Bruno on drums, Jordan Sanoy on bass guitar, Edward Deang on lead guitar, and Nante Amador on vocals and rhythm guitar. The group, who has only been playing for a few years, have already garnered a good following due to […]

JULIE SAINTS is not just a fresh face in the indie music scene – she is a breath of fresh air. Her music is like a soft breeze approaching with a promise of a gale that can blow the listener’s inhibitions away. And she is an artist who is not content in striking out on […]

  QUAIL EGGS is an indie OPM rock trio based in San Francisco, California composed of Dax, Brinly and Kryz. They released their first album just a month ago entitled “Standstill,” which is available for streaming on Spotify. Their music exudes qualities that enamored Pinoy rock to the Filipino masses in the 90s – catchy, […]

TIM DE RAMOS is a person with a gargantuan resume, and to say that he is a talented musician is a gross understatement. The soft-spoken Fil-Am who currently lives in Orange County has been in the company of Pinoy rock royalty for many years, yet he never forgot his indie roots and lends his considerable […]

DJ Tulisan comes back from his vacation under protest, but he puts up a rather lengthy rockcast today, as he discusses Spotify and its importance to indie artists, as well as the plagiarism scandal concerning The Pop Stage and Ang Huling El Bimbo The Musical. Featuring the music of New Day in August, Mayday, and […]

New Old Tragedies by Mayday Disclaimer: Everything you will read in this article is 45% fact and 55% fabrication and creative stitching, because the folks at Mayday are so eccentric their replies to multiple phrase questions were one-word answers and, at times, monosyllabic grunts and clicks. We swear that this article was written as accurately […]

We dragged DJ Tulisan from his birthday siesta to bring you a short but sweet rockcast! He thanks all of you for your greetings, your support, and your future expensive gifts to him – and he also promotes the new, improved Pinoy Rock Radio! Featuring the music of BeyoBeo! Check it out here, and don’t forget […]

DJ Tulisan is back to revisit the travails of our local bands, and sit down with you to discuss these uncertain times… Featuring the music of Quail Eggs, Doble Bara and Grand Fools Derby! Check it out here, and don’t forget to listen to our other rockcasts in our RockCast section!  

RIV3R is an alternative rock trio based in Los Angeles, California, composed of bassist/vocalist Dennis Diaz, guitarist Dale Kahlil Bacuño, and drummer Francis Nuega. Coming from different bands and bringing with them a wealth of talent and experience, RIV3R combines their collected expertise to fashion out a body of work that is both familiar and […]

DJ Tulisan wants to show you something long… a long rockcast, that is! Get your mind off the gutter and start listening to a retrospective on one of the most kickass defunct bands, ever! Featuring the music of RIV3R, Dominion and Lokomotiv! Check it out here, and don’t forget to listen to our other rockcasts in […]

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