New Old Tragedies by Mayday Disclaimer: Everything you will read in this article is 45% fact and 55% fabrication and creative stitching, because the folks at Mayday are so eccentric their replies to multiple phrase questions were one-word answers and, at times, monosyllabic grunts and clicks. We swear that this article was written as accurately […]

Mayday performing their original song, Bookmarks, live at Keepsake Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. 03/2019.

Official music video of Mayday’s single, Celestial Hearts, from their second EP, “The Art of Ignoring a Calamity.” 04/2018.  

Music video of Mayday’s original song, Suntok sa Hangin, from their first EP “New Old Tragedies,” filmed at the Pinoy Gearheads Convention 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. 12/2012.  

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