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Excerpts of Dominion’s live performance in Los Angeles, CA supporting Suicide Awareness Prevention. 06/2019.

 New Day in August performing their original song  “It’s Over” live at The Camp charity event in Chatsworth, CA. 12/2019  

Official music video of New Day in August’s original song “Looking Back.” Video credit to Katsi Del Rosario.  

Mayday performing their original song, Bookmarks, live at Keepsake Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. 03/2019.

Official music video of Mayday’s single, Celestial Hearts, from their second EP, “The Art of Ignoring a Calamity.” 04/2018.  

BeyoBeo performs their original song “EDSA” at their EP Release Party at Cybertron Studio in Downtown Los Angeles. 04/2017.  

Check out BeyoBeo’s music video for EDSA, one of the songs in their debut EP, The Sound of One Hand Clapping.  

Mothürload performs one of their original songs, Sigaw, at Cybertron Studio. 01/2017.  

It is finally here! BeyoBeo’s second EP, The Spiral of Silence, is now available for sale at Bandcamp! With FIVE new original songs, their new EP is sure to please those who like hard rock and Pinoy music! “The Spiral of Silence” continues where Tolitz Rosel left off with the band’s debut EP, The Sound of […]

Dominion’s official music video of their new single, Drowning Inside.  

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