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KALYE JUAN43 is an indie band from Portland, Oregon, that has stepped into the Pinoy rock arena bringing years of experience in a multitude of genres to fuel their entry into the musical atmosphere. Relatively new to the scene, Kalye Juan43 is made up of Reulle Bautista on vocals, Reygie Dela Vega on guitars, RX […]

After some delays, we finally finished our second podcast! DJ Tulisan goes over some interesting things from 90s Pinoy rock to EPs and albums. Featuring the music of Something Came Up, Monumental by Far, and Mothurload! Check it out here, and don’t forget to listen to our other podcasts in our Podcast section!  

Sorry folks, it seems DJ Tulisan won’t be able to give you a piece of his mind today in his weekly podcast! The condenser mic he ordered is a bit delayed in arriving, and he is much too embarrassed to do a podcast again using an iPhone! But he promises to put one up as […]

MONUMENTAL BY FAR is a new wave indie rock band in San Francisco, California headed by front man Ferdz Rafanan with lead guitarist Chino Magliba, rhythm guitarist Francis Macapagal, bassist Dan Medina and drummer Howard Medina. Founded by Rafanan in 2017, the band combines melodic riffs with hard-hitting guitar tunes that call back to the […]

In the Pinoy music scene, there are few podcasts as unique as Introvoys drummer Paco Arespacochaga’s project, quaintly called Paco’s Place. Officially launched just a few months ago, Paco’s Place has fast become a music/interview hub for Pinoy artists and personalities residing in the United States. What makes Paco’s Place unique from other podcasts is […]

Bay Area band Monumental By Far released another music video of one of their original songs in their upcoming self-titled album. The song is “The Past,” and the music bodes well for their future. Check it out!     Source: Monumental By Far on Facebook  

If you want your rock more (and we mean MORE) in your face, check out Las Vegas-based metal band Antitrust! Here they are performing their original song, Anathema, at the Dive Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. (2018) Stay tuned for more news from them in the future!   Source: Antitrust on Facebook  

  Here’s a treat for you guitar players! Last year, Perf De Castro (Rivermaya, Rockstallion) hung out with David Aguirre (Razorback, Lokomotiv) and worked out some guitar parts. It ended up being an informal clinic from two Pinoy guitar legends! Check it out!   Source: Perfecto De Castro on Youtube  

  Kris Gorra Dancel (Guitars/vox), Donna Macalino (Bass/vocals) & (Drums/vocals) and Annette Ortiz Diaz broke into the Philippine Alternative Rock just right before the turn of the 21st century as Fatal Posporos. Their music was catchy and filled with energy. And the drums were definitely grooving. Rightfully so, Annette Ortiz Diaz found solace and comfort […]

  Monumental By Far, one of the talented new wave/indie rock bands in the Bay Area, will be releasing their self-titled album soon. Here is a taste of one of their songs, Sometimes, also available to stream on Spotify. Check it out! Source: Monumental By Far on Youtube  

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