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After some delays, we finally finished our second podcast! DJ Tulisan goes over some interesting things from 90s Pinoy rock to EPs and albums. Featuring the music of Something Came Up, Monumental by Far, and Mothurload! Check it out here, and don’t forget to listen to our other podcasts in our Podcast section!  

Sorry folks, it seems DJ Tulisan won’t be able to give you a piece of his mind today in his weekly podcast! The condenser mic he ordered is a bit delayed in arriving, and he is much too embarrassed to do a podcast again using an iPhone! But he promises to put one up as […]

Kumusta mga brad! We are proud to announce that Pinoy Rock USA is back online with a vengeance! As we slowly ease our way back in during these trying times, we would like to share what we have planned in the next several weeks: Pinoy Rock USA Streaming Radio Station – technology has been catching […]

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