DJ Tulisan RockCast No. 25 – Looking for Peace in the Divided States of America

DJ Tulisan November 20, 2020

Hello folks, it’s Friday once again, and oh boy, have we got a ton of alibis to give you for missing the last two weeks! Prepare to roll your eyes, prepare to smirk, but prepare for another fun episode with DJ Tulisan! Featuring the music of Mayday, Beyobeo, The ItchyWorms and INTRoVOYS!

Songs featured in this rockcast:

Wag Maghintay – Mayday
Halimaw – Beyobeo
Armageddon Blues – The ItchyWorms

Other music and excerpts used in this rockcast:

Kapayapaan – Tropical Depression
Fields of Gold – Sting
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You – Sting
Blue 11 – Wolfgang
Salamat – The Dawn


(All songs copyright by their respective artists.)

DJ Tulisan has been in the L.A. rock scene since 2008. But even though he has rubbed elbows and played alongside rockstars, he still can't score VIP tickets...

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