DJ Tulisan RockCast No. 3 – NU107 and Old TV Themes

DJ Tulisan May 17, 2020


Check out our latest podcast, which features songs by Kalye Juan43, Monumental by Far, and Mayday!

Pro-tip: Lower your volume for the first ten seconds or so…

Let us know what you think, and submit your band to be featured here! Rakenrol!


Songs featured in this rockcast:

Para Lang Sa’Yo – Kalye Juan43
Tadhana – Monumental By Far
Suntok sa Hangin – Mayday

Other music and excerpts used in this rockcast:

Meckam – Wolfgang
Halimaw – Beyobeo
High – Beyobeo
Cry Baby – Quincy Jones
Rubber Ducky – Quincy Jones
Pulstar – Vangelis
Blue 11 – Wolfgang
Ilang Beses – Beyobeo

(All songs copyright by their respective artists.)



DJ Tulisan has been in the L.A. rock scene since 2008. But even though he has rubbed elbows and played alongside rockstars, he still can't score VIP tickets...

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