RockCast Season 2, Episode 3 – OPM Amerika at Tunay na Kalayaan

It’s the day after the celebration of the 123rd Philippine Independence Day, and DJ Tulisan tries to wax patriotic in this third episode of Season 2! But we are also featuring one of the best Pinoy music communities in the United States – OPM AMERIKA! Featuring the music of Something Came Up, Demivoix, Zipcode, Synth Heart and RIV3R.

Song featured in this rockcast:

Rage – The Jerks
Texas Time – Something Came Up
Disintegration – Demivoix
Switch – ZipCode
Universe – Synth Heart
River of Iris – RIV3R

Other music and excerpts used in this rockcast:

Ako’y Isang Pinoy – Florante (karaoke)
Blue 11 – Wolfgang
Noypi – Bamboo

(All songs copyright by their respective artists.)

DJ Tulisan has been in the L.A. rock scene since 2008. But even though he has rubbed elbows and played alongside rockstars, he still can't score VIP tickets...

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