DJ Tulisan RockCast No. 4 – The Concert for Life and the L.A. Riots

DJ Tulisan May 19, 2020


Surprise! A new rockcast coming at ya on a weekday! DJ Tulisan shares a heartbreaking tearjerker of a story about happiness and excitement! Doesn’t make sense? Well, listen and check it out yourself!

Let us know what you think. Rakenrol!


Other music and excerpts used in this podcast:

Kaibigan – Beyobeo
Ballade pour Adeline – Paul de Senneville
Un Jour, Un Enfant – Paul Mauriat
Unfortunate Son – Beyobeo
Somebody to Love – Queen feat. George Michael
Driving with the Top Down – Ramin Djawadi
Blue 11 – Wolfgang

(All songs copyright by their respective artists.)


DJ Tulisan has been in the L.A. rock scene since 2008. But even though he has rubbed elbows and played alongside rockstars, he still can't score VIP tickets...

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