DJ Tulisan RockCast No. 23 – The Orange is sus…

DJ Tulisan October 23, 2020

TGIF Folks! Welcome to DJ Tulisan’s new timeslot… or is it dayslot? Either way, here’s a new rockcast coming at ya, with old featured bands revisited, and some thoughts about the presidential election, which is just 10 days from now! Featuring the music of Carpools, RIV3R, Quail Eggs and Monumental By Far!

Songs featured in this rockcast:

Do You Believe – Carpools
The Message – RIV3R
Because I Need – Quail Eggs
Prayers – Monumental By Far

Other music and excerpts used in this rockcast:

Payaso – Razorback
Cry Baby – Quincy Jones
Driving With the Top Down (Ironman) – Ramin Djawadi
Unicron Medley – Vince DiCola
Something to Believe In – Poison
Blue 11 – Wolfgang
Rage – The Jerks


(All songs copyright by their respective artists.)

DJ Tulisan has been in the L.A. rock scene since 2008. But even though he has rubbed elbows and played alongside rockstars, he still can't score VIP tickets...

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