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Written by on June 26, 2020

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DEMIVOIX is a four-piece rock band from Orange County, California. The group is composed of Keith on lead vocals and keys, Karinne on guitars, Ronnel on bass and Bon on drums. Even though they hail from a different zip code, they have been active in the Los Angeles band scene for almost ten years, taking part in various productions and musical events with fellow indie bands, and have recently released their first self-titled EP.

DemiVoix describes their music as more of an art style, featuring structured compositions laced with healthy servings of improvisation. They use thematic schemes, life events, poetry, and ideologies to fuel their craft, finding balance between technique and musicality. But what sets them apart from other indie bands is their desire to take risks in pushing their musical boundaries – not just content with employing familiar song structures and proven riffs, but using their varied influences in creating a truly unique sound.

If one desires poetry set in motion by music, one needn’t look further than the four-song EP, guaranteed to fulfill one’s appetite for indie music that is executed with both confidence and conviction.


Formed in 2010, DemiVoix’s name was the brainchild of their vocalist, Keith, based on her desire (yes, Keith is a her) to give the band a unique name that matches their sound. The group’s name is from French words which literally translate to “half sound.” The name’s significance to the band’s sound is a testament to how the group writes and plays their original songs – a compromise of not just polarizing styles but varied member personalities, all encouraged to meet “halfway” to achieve their goal. This translates to a unique sound that not only pleases fans of the styles they amalgamated, but making new fans from the combined approach.

DemiVoix, in true indie fashion, promoted their music by playing in different bars and restaurants. No gig is too big or small for the band, and these live events were usually promoted by several Pinoy productions, most of the time as part of multi-band festivals in the Los Angeles Pinoy rock scene. The group has been very vocal and enthusiastic in its mission to promote Pinoy music in the West Coast, and this manifests itself onstage.

Currently, like many other bands in Los Angeles, DemiVoix is weathering the pandemic by continuing to hone their skills, even making their own “quarantine” videos, as they prepare for the reopening of the indie scene. They are also working on a new material, writing and recording new songs for a new release. It is proof that even when the members meet halfway to write their music, they go all the way when it comes to furthering the Pinoy rock movement.


KEITH (Vocals/Keyboards/Synthesizers)

Born in Quezon City, Philippines, Keith was a child prodigy with the piano, which she started playing at the tender age of two-and-a-half years old. She began taking formal lessons less than a year later and has made the piano her instrument of choice since then. Not content with the ivory keys, she took voice lessons at eight years old and never looked back. Uncharacteristic for someone of her musical skill set, she also started playing drums/percussion at the age of 13, and continued playing it in college as a secondary instrument.

Influences: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), virtuoso pianists and composers like Chic Corea, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Martha Argerich, Dave Brubeck, Sergei Prokofiev, Toumas Holopainen of Nightwish, John Williams, and even symphonic metal band Apocalyptica.


KARINNE (Guitars)

Born in Manila and raised in Antipolo, Rizal, Karinne studied classical piano growing up, and eventually learned the guitar in the ‘90s by playing along to songs by the Beatles. She sessions regularly with other Pinoy bands in Los Angeles, lending her voice and instrumentation to the likes of electronic pop/rock band like SYNTH Heart and Melody Del Mundo (of Sugar Hiccup and Stella’s Notch fame). She is a multi-genre performer, even dabbling in modern country music.

Influences: The Beatles (specifically George Harrison), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), and most recently Lari Basilio, Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons. She also likes Descendent, Placebo, Maroon 5 and Natalie Merchant.



Born in Los Angeles, California, Ronnel is considered a late bloomer, not musically inclined – that is, until he listened to Metallica’s Fade to Black. But it was years later before he took up the bass guitar and played with Electric Brain in 2003 because they needed someone to play bass. Ronnel has not let go of the bass guitar since then.

Influences: Metallica, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Maximum the Hormone, various scores and music from movie and video games, and pretty much anything with an “epic” sound.


BON (Drums)

Born in Pasay City and raised in Makati City, Philippines, Bon got into Blues & 70s Rock in his early teens. He embraced the ‘90s band explosion in the Philippines, which led to him playing in various bands thereafter. He played guitar for around 7 years and drums for more than 15 years.

Influences: Collective Soul, Black Crowes, Live, GnR, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, 10000 Maniacs.











Pinoy Rock USA would like to thank Keith, Karinne, Ronnel and Bon of DemiVoix for allowing us to feature them in this site. More power to you all! Rakenrol!

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